Henderson Utility & Services Providers

Don't Forget about Utilities

​We don’t like to overlook any details. Helping our buyers & sellers plan, prepare  through the moving process is one we find is put off till the last minute. You the buyer or seller are depending on our expertise and we don't like to stop just because the deals done.  So on that note don't forget to schedule the turning on or off of utilities at your home. Here is a helpful list of companies that provide services to the Henderson and Las Vegas area.

Local Service Providers

Nevada Energy Company - Power

(702) 402-5555 or 1-800-331-3103 www.nvenergy.com

Customer Service is open 24 hours 7 days a week

Provides service to all areas except Boulder City.

Southwest Gas Corporation

1-877-860-6020 www.swgas.com

Customer Service Mon-Fri 8:00a- 5:00p

Provides service to all areas.

Republic Service / Garbage & Recycling Service

(702) 735-5151 www.republicservices.com (Must call to start service)

Mon - Fri 7AM – 6PM Sat 8-noon

Provides trash service to all areas except Boulder City.

Las Vegas Valley Water District

(702) 870-4194 or 1-800-252-2011 http://www.lvvwd.com/

M-Th 7AM-6PM (Closed Fridays)

Provides water service only to Las Vegas and Clark County only (Not Henderson).

Henderson Water/Sewer

(702) 267-5900 267-5901 Fax Utilities & Services

240 S. Water Street, Suite 207 2nd office at 250 S. Green Valley Pkwy

Office Hours: M – Th 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM Closed Fridays

Provides service to Henderson only. Some homes in Henderson may be covered by Las Vegas Water.

City of Las Vegas Sanitation / Sewer Service

(792) 229-1289 www.lasvegasnevada.gov/Pay/sewer_bills.htm

400 Stewart Ave Las Vegas, NV 89101 M-F 8-5pm

Call for service area

Clark County Water Sanitation / Sewer Service

(702) 434-6600 www.cleanwaterteam.com

5857 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89122 M-F 8AM – 4:30PM

Call for service area

Century Link Telephone/Internet/Satellite

1-888-723-8010 www.CenturyLink.com

800-788-3600 Repair line 24 hrs/day every day

Phone orders are accepted. Mon- Fri 8AM – 7PM Sat 8AM-4PM

Provides service to all areas. Provides Internet and Satellite services through DISH network.

Cox Communications / Cable, Internet, Telephone Service

(702) 383-4000 24 hrs a day ww2.cox.com/residential/lasvegas/home.cox

Credit Check required to determine if Deposit required

Satellite Television

Direct TV 1-800-494-4388 Directtv.com

Directstar 1-800-286-5647 Directstartv.com

Dish Network 1-888-825-2557 Dishnetwork.com

Boulder City Utilities

293-9244 Office Hours: 7AM – 6 PM Mon – Thurs, Closed Fri – Sat

401 California Street (located in City Hall) Boulder City, NV 89005

(Service includes water, electric, sewer & trash)

Provides service to Boulder City only.

When you call us you will find we use grasshopper as our phone system, It allows use to have multiple extensions with personalized greeting, texting and fax services, and hold music all in one.